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How Xanax Works

Xanax is a prescription medication that is often prescribed to those that suffer from the many different anxiety disorders out there. It falls under the medication classification of the benzodiazepines group. While used to treat general anxiety, social anxiety, occasional anxiety, and panic disorder, it is also used to help those that suffer from problems with short term memory, muscular tension that leads to pain, and those that have a hard time sleeping through the night. For some people, Xanax can be used in the treatment of some types of seizure disorder. This drug can be addictive and is something that can be harmful if abused.

Quite often, anxiety issues are both physical and mental. You may not know it, but your body comes with a sedative that it can produce on its own. This is known as GABA or gamma amino butyric acid. This is active in nearly 80 percent of your brain in the nerve connectors. This is what your body is supposed to release when you are feeling anxious to help calm you down and to think more clearly. You can think of GABA as something that stop the run away train of stress and anxiety in your brain. Without enough of this, the brain is not going to work as it should in regards to stress and obsessive thought.

In some most patients that suffer from anxiety and overwhelming stress, there is far too little GABA being released in the brain to stop the worry and thoughts that make anxiety a problem rather than something to help a person deal with problems effectively. Xanax works with what little GABA a person may be making on their own and intensifies what it can do. That should help the brain balance back out and the connections within the brain that deal with stress and anxiety work as they should. Patients should feel better relatively quickly when they start taking Xanax.

When a person wants to quit taking Xanax, it is important to do so under the supervision of a doctor. If this is something a person has been on for a long time, sudden withdrawal can be very painful and scary for the patient. This is because some brains react to Xanax by making even less GABA and if someone stops suddenly, they will feel horrible and anxiety will skyrocket. Instead, this is something that should be tapered off very slowly. When that is done, most patients on Xanax find that they do not have a hard time and can come off it successfully without feeling overwhelmed or overly anxious.

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  • Clark

    Nice Post….This product has no side effects and It’s well worth it from my point of view.

  • Mary Allen

    My doctor used to prescribe phentermine and xanax at the same time, for sleep, or anytime, he said no problem with the two. I never had any problem with the two and the xanax even helped with that wiped out late afternoon feeling.

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