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Panic Anxiety Disorder

Panic anxiety disorder is not as common as some of the other types of anxiety disorders out there, but it can come with them or stand alone. Those with this condition find they are very limited in what they are willing to do with their lives. One of the biggest problems with panic anxiety disorder is the tendency to have panic attacks. These have both mental and physical symptoms that lead a person to believe they are about to die and may limit what they do and where they go each day. Someone with panic disorder may function well on some days but have other days where they feel as if everything is wrong.

Panic attacks that come with panic anxiety disorder are very severe. The person experiencing such an attack will be sure they are dying in that moment even though there is usually very little chance of physical harm from the attack. The person in question will feel as if they have chest pains or are having a heart attack, they may feel unreasonable terror and think they are about to die. They can develop tremors and numbness in the fingers, toes, arms and legs, and they can become dizzy with shortness of breath. The subject will have chills or hot flashes, will feel as if they are choking and may hyperventilate, having a racing heart beat, and may feel as if they are going to lose their mind.

There are a few things that lead to panic anxiety disorders. However, some can have these things in their lives without developing panic while others will get the disorder and need to be treated. It comes with other types of anxiety for some, doubling the problem. Women are twice as likely as men to get this condition, and there have been studies that point to genetics playing a role in this as well. Large amounts of stress that do not let up and traumatic situations can lead to someone developing panic disorder and attacks. Panic attacks generally happen to those in teenage and early adult years, but as with everything else, there are exceptions.

There are some common things that happen to those with panic disorder other than having panic attacks. Those with this condition may avoid any situation that they find stressful for fear of having a panic attack in front of others. They may end up relying on others for financial support and become addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol. They will avoid things they used to love to do, and may not wander more than a few miles from home. They are also prone to going to doctors or emergency rooms more often, and may attempt suicide.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any signs of panic anxiety disorder, know that treatment is out there and it can be very successful in returning someone to their normal life. There is no need to spend life worried and anxious when the levels of stress involved become unhealthy. There are prescriptions and life changes that can help, along with therapy and some natural remedies.

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