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Types of Anxiety Disorders

There are many types of anxiety disorders out there that affect millions of Americans each day. At times, worry is natural, but when it becomes overwhelming and affects how someone lives each day, it becomes a medical condition called anxiety. There are different types of anxiety disorders with different symptoms and problems, and each type may be treated differently. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, it is important to see a doctor, get treatment, and regain your life. Once you get relief, you will be surprised when looking back and you see how much anxiety was ruling your life.

Chronic or generalized anxiety disorder are somewhat similar in that they can be overwhelming and are usually dealt with on a daily basis. This disorder can severely limit life and can interfere with work and relationships. A person with chronic anxiety is anxious about just about anything and everything. They are prone to excessive worry about things that are real problems, but the severity is greatly exaggerated in their mind. They may also worry about things that are not really problems – but they seem very real to the person with this condition.

Social anxiety disorder is a bit different, but the body can react in the same way. Those with this condition have anxiety in relation to relating to others in social and work environments. In some cases, the social anxiety is so bad that the person with the condition becomes agoraphobic and will not leave the house. They fear that people are judging and making fun of them no matter where they go or what they are doing or that they are going to do something to make a fool of themselves. These thoughts are greatly exaggerated, but they can lead to panic and fear. Most choose to avoid people rather than deal with the symptoms that occur when they go out in public.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder you may associate with veterans who have returned from war, but it is also something that anyone who has gone through a traumatic event can develop. This happens when someone has gone through a severe physical or emotional trauma like a car accident, death of a child, or anything else that causes a person to develop severe anxiety. Those with this condition often have anxiety in relation to the event, and any small trigger that reminds them of what happened. This can be severely debilitating.

Panic disorder can stand alone but may also be a part of any of the conditions listed above. This disorder often leads to a person being prone to panic attacks when confronted with certain situations that cause anxiety. They may have these in public on occasion, and the fear of doing that again can lead to even more attacks. Though panic attacks are generally non-harmful, the physical sensations can lead a person to believe they are having a heart attack or other serious medical problem. The symptoms of a panic attack are scary. A person may believe they can not breathe, they can shake uncontrollably, and they feel sheer terror. They may also have numbness in the extremities, feel hot or cold, and have chest pain.

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