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Zanaprin: A Scientifically Developed Pharmacological Compound

Zanaprin is a non-prescription medication for the treatment of anxiety and stress disorders. Zanaprin has a proprietary formula of pharmacological compounds that can have the same great results for treating anxiety as many of the prescription anti-anxiety medications on the market today. The difference between the two types of treatment is that Zanaprin does not come with some of the side effects that are associated with taking prescription medications like Xanax and other like drugs. Zanaprin is NOT herbal, but rather a pharmacological blend that makes it more effective and a treatment that you can rely on when nothing else seems to work.

There are a lot non-prescription anti-anxiety and anti-stress products available that rely on herbs and extracts. Some of these are effective, some barely work, and some are downright dangerous. What is the difference between them and the scientifically developed pharmacological compound Zanaprin? The difference is in the word ‘pharmacological.’ This is the study of different ingredients and what affect they have on the human or animal body. This means the ingredients have been tested and have been proven to be safe thus far. Nothing is perfect, but you can rest a bit easier than you would when taking other herbal blends.

Pharmaceutical-grade Zanaprin was made with specific guidelines in mind. This means the amounts of all the right ingredients were studied. Each ingredient is added at an active level for results that can be counted on and with safety in mind.

The ingredients in Zanaprin have been proven to be non-addictive. This is a problem with many prescriptions like Xanax. Not only that, some of the medications in the Xanax family tend to be not only addictive, but they only work for the short term. That means you may only get relief for a few hours rather than an entire day. If you take them on a regular basis, you may find your body is dependent on the pill and withdrawal will be painful. Those who formulated Zanaprin kept that in mind and worked to avoid that very problem.

Is Zanaprin safe for you? Only a doctor can help you with that answer. For the most part, Zanaprin has been proven both safe and effective for most people. However, complications can arise if Zanaprin is taken with certain prescription medications. There are some compounds that can have dangerous interactions with prescription medications. Talk with your health care professional about Zanaprin and any other medications you may be taking to be sure you will be safe while giving Zanaprin a try.

2 comments to Zanaprin: A Scientifically Developed Pharmacological Compound

  • Ruth

    You mention the possibility of interactions with other medications and suggest discussing it with one’s doctor. Most doctors know nothing about Zanaprin and therefore cannot help. Could you list medications that are dangerous to take with Zanaprin? Also, a consumer needs to know the exact ingredients and their amounts in a product they consider buying so they know if they are allergic to any of them. Amoryn does this and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for offering a product that may help depression.

    • admin

      Ruth – Although your doctor may not be familiar with Zanaprin, you can take the list of ingredients to your pharmacist. A pharmacist will be able to tell you if any of the ingredients contained in Zanaprin will conflict with another medication you may be taking. To see the list, go to Zanaprin Ingredients.

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