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Relieving Stress Naturally

Stress is one of the most common problems experienced by people today. In fact, no matter your outlook on life, lifestyle, job, or financial status, you will experience heightened stress levels several times throughout your life. Among the most common triggers of high stress these days are: financial problems, job pressure, legal issues, health problems, a long/ busy commute, children, aging parents, relationships and education.

Relieving Stress Naturally

Stress from everyday life can often be relieved naturally by engaging in relaxing activities, such as deep breathing exercises, meditation and laughter.

To counteract these stresses in your life, try these techniques for relieving stress naturally, but be sure to speak with your doctor if you feel that the stresses are rising beyond your ability to control them:

Laugh – Enjoying a good laugh a few times every day will naturally bring your stress levels down. It may sound quite basic, but it makes an enormous difference. Bring laughter into your life with funny things to read, funny movies, and happy chats with your friends.

Breathe – Build a good habit of stopping and taking a few slow, deep breaths when you feel that your stress level is starting to head upward. It is an immediate stress defense that works very well. I have found this fun website at They have a global breathing room that has a relaxing breathing rate that you can follow (it also has a laughter room that would help with the point above too).

Exercise – Exercising is not only good for keeping up your physical and mental health, but it also helps your brain to release endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel happy. This way, exercising automatically makes you feel happier!

Create a Spa Experience – You don’t need to spend a lot of money heading out to an expensive spa all the time just to reap the benefits they offer. Instead, give yourself part of an evening to take a long warm, aromatherapy bath, listen to relaxing music, read a calming book or magazine, and have a treat such as strawberries dipped in chocolate!

Learn to Forgive – This one may be challenging, but if you allow yourself to forgive the people who have been rude or offensive to you in some way, you’ll release the tension associated with it.

Talk – By learning to talk to the people you love – friends and family – you’ll be able to get things off your chest before they are able to build up to the point that you can’t handle them anymore. From small issues to big ones – frustrations at work to a messy divorce – just talking about things can make all the difference in the world.

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