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Common Depression Test Questions

Depression tests are becoming an increasingly common tool used to diagnose depression. This psychological disorder impacts ten percent of the population at any given time, striking just about everyone at one time or another, especially women.

Fortunately, there are many treatments for depression and they can effectively turn a person’s experience around to be able to get control over what they feel about the circumstances of their lives. Unfortunately, far too many people go without diagnosis and miss the opportunity to properly treat the disorder at its onset, suffering far too long.

Though a licensed professional is the only person who can truly diagnose depression, there are some tests that can help to give you an idea if you should be checking with your doctor about the possibility of depression in your life.

A depression test usually includes some of the following questions:

  • How often do you struggle to sleep at night: often, occasionally, or not at all?
  • Most nights, do you experience any of the following: tossing and turning, waking often, and/or nightmares?
  • How frequently do you experience feelings of being tired, exhausted, or lethargic: almost always, occasionally, rarely?
  • Have you experienced a significant weight change (either loss or gain) which is not a result of dieting?
  • Have you found a decrease in your libido?
  • Do you have an immediate blood family member (that is, a mother, father, sister or brother) who has already been diagnosed with depression?
  • Do you find yourself frequently feeling that it isn’t worth it to live?
  • Do you feel that your daily stress and anxiety levels are: high, moderate, or low?
  • Have you been experiencing hallucinations or forms of delusions?
  • Does the change in seasons toward winter impact the way you feel?
  • What season do you like the least?
  • Are you currently in a committed relationship?
  • Do you cover your emotions with a false smile?
  • Is it a challenge to recall the last time you truly felt happy?
  • Do you sometimes feel as though you’ve lost control of your life and your role in it?
  • How is your self-esteem most of the time: high, moderate, low?
  • Have you already been diagnosed with a learning disorder or ADD/ADHD either now or as a child?
  • Do you struggle to concentrate or recall information?
  • Have you experienced a traumatic or upsetting event recently?

If you feel that you have been going through a depression in your life that does not seem to lift, it is very important to speak with a professional about this, such as your doctor. A depression test, with questions like the ones above, will be able to determine your current emotional state and what treatments may be suitable.

Depression can strike at any age and affect any gender or race. Traumatic events and bad childhoods do not dictate whether you or someone you know will be afflicted with depression at some point.

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  • Ailse Miller

    In teenagers and young adults under the age of twenty-four years taking anti depressants such as Zoloft and risk of suicide was detected in them. so i want to know is it safe for my son.

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