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Tips for Managing Panic Attacks

When anxiety comes to a sudden and extreme heightened experience, it can become a panic attack. It is an immensely unpleasant experience on a physical and emotional level. Physical symptoms of a panic attack can be quite intense, including chest pains, difficulty breathing, vision problems such as blurring or spots, and fainting. For this reason, people who experience panic attacks can struggle to function normally and should seek assistance in helping to prevent and control these experiences. By learning to minimize the occurrence of panic attacks and to handle them properly when they do happen, you can make a significant difference in your life; both personal and professional.

Recognizing what triggers panic attacks and being prepared for their onset is the best method for managing them.

Recognizing what triggers panic attacks and being prepared for their onset is the best method for managing them.

Many people who have never had panic attacks, or panic anxiety disorder, struggle to understand the experience. It is not a situation where the individual can just “get a grip”. It is neither a voluntary nor an easy experience do have. It is an all-encompassing, often paralyzing fear that takes away the person’s ability to be aware of what he or she is doing or thinking, causing irrational behaviors. Though it is possible to learn how to control the panic attacks, it doesn’t come naturally to most people as it is a completely overwhelming experience.

The trick to managing panic attacks in the majority of instances, therefore, is to learn the signs that they are coming on, and then to take the right steps to deal with them before they happen, instead of waiting until they have actually occurred. Once you’ve discovered the signs that indicate that a panic attack is about to happen, you can start paying attention to other details as well, such as the triggers that are causing the attacks to happen. At the beginning, most sufferers aren’t at all aware of the specific triggers that bring it on because panic attacks generally feel as though they come out of nowhere. It often feels as though symptoms simply come on out of the blue. However, over time, it is possible to notice signs that come on before the major symptoms. These signs may include an upset stomach, tense muscles, or a feeling that things are just somehow “wrong” and uneasy.

The warning signs of panic attacks should be taken very seriously as they are the main indicators that something will happen and are the green light for taking action to deal with them right away. This may mean taking yourself out of the situation, but if that is not possible, the increased awareness you have will give you the opportunity to implement other individualized strategies that you develop with your doctor.

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  • Kate

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  • Anita Taylor

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