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Treating Stress With Aromatherapy

In a world this fast-paced and demanding, it is becoming much more common for a person to have stress than to have a calm and carefree life. For this reason, it is important for everyone to learn about the different things that they can do in order to relax and soothe themselves with the little bit of free time that they are afforded every day.

Although not all stress can be effectively treated in this way, using aromatherapy is a natural way to destress your mind and body.

Although not all stress can be effectively treated in this way, using aromatherapy is a natural way to destress your mind and body.

There are varying levels of stress – some require medical attention and medication for treatment and some can be soothed using relaxation techniques or a day at the spa. It may not be possible to go to a spa on a regular basis to be pampered with luxury, but it is still important to practice some of the basic principles found at a spa that are geared toward achieving effective relaxation for both emotional and physical health.

Among the benefits of the services available at a spa is the fact that the senses can all be stimulated in order to produce a calming result. For example, the massage plays on the sense of touch. Certain kinds of music and sounds are very comforting. There are tastes that cause us to take a deep breath and sigh away some of the tension we’re holding. There are colors and lighting patterns that can take the strain away. And, of course, there are scents that can produce a soothing effect through what is called aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is beneficial by itself or in conjunction with other efforts to relax. You can, for example, simply add a pleasant scent to the room as you relax, or you can add it to a bubble bath with candlelight and calming music as you drink peppermint tea, for an experience for all of the senses.

The source of the aromas in aromatherapy is natural essential oils. They are obtained from plants that have been known to produce a relaxing effect through the connection between the olfactory receptors (those used for smelling) and the central nervous system as a whole. This can be quite relieving and can remind the individual to breathe – another important de-stressing technique.

Among the various scents that are used in natural essential oils for aromatherapy are:

  • Lavender
  • Sandalwood
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ylang ylang

Using aromatherapy for treating stress produces both an emotional and physical response. Each person has their own reaction to any given scent so it is worth trying out various oils over time to see which ones produce the most preferable results for relaxing and releasing stresses and energizing the mind and body. Treating stress with aromatherapy allows people to take a much more complete approach to treating their own stresses in a natural and effective way.

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  • Maria Clark

    I am agree, Aromatherapy can be a tremendous help in stress relief. but i am bit confused regarding oil which one is best for aromatherapy.

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