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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Anxiety Treatment

When anxiety has become an intrusive part of a person’s life, there comes a time when it becomes necessary to take action to control its symptoms. Though many people find that anti-anxiety medications can help, others prefer a solution that is more long-term and that can be considered more “natural”, that is, without drugs controlling the chemicals of the brain. Among the various natural strategies for bringing about anxiety relief is cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is successfully used to treat anxiety without the use of anti-anxiety medications.

Part of treating anxiety with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is recognizing the triggers that cause it.

This is not at all a new strategy. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been practiced by professionals in mental health for several decades now to allow a patient to change their behaviors in order to overcome issues in mental and emotional health from which they have been suffering. This means that it is not only a successful form of therapy for people suffering from anxiety, but can also help people to work through other serious mental health problems and struggles.

When used to help people to combat anxiety issues, cognitive behavioral therapy is broken into two separate parts. The first part looks into the actual sources of the anxiety. This has to do with the psychological elements of the problem, which must be identified. This means that the patient will work with the doctor in order to seek out the various triggers that bring about the anxiety being experienced. This way, steps can be taken in order to counteract the impact of the trigger, taking away its power to cause the anxiety.

The second part of cognitive behavioral therapy has to do with the efforts that are taken to overcome the anxiety. This has to do with taking actions connected to the activities or physical actions that are causing the anxiety to occur. The first stage of cognitive behavioral therapy was a mental one, but the second stage is more physical as it is meant to modify the way a trigger occurs so that activities that would typically cause anxiety will not do so anymore – or will at least only cause a manageable amount of stress.

This is a process that can take some time, as there can be many different triggers for anxiety, and several efforts may need to be made in order to discover the best action for counteracting the triggers and to make those efforts into a regular habit so that they become a natural part of a person’s daily life instead of a conscious labor.

For more information about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, please visit the website for the National Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists.

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  • Maria

    Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a form of treatment that has repeatedly been shown to be among the most effective in reducing or eliminating Anxiety Disorders.

  • Ashlie Moore

    I suffered so many yrs. with panic attacks and anxiety. After taking zoloft i have been panic free and anxiety free for about 6 months now i feel I am in control of my life and feelings without being over medicated.

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