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Eliminate Social Anxiety with these Expert Tips

expert tips to eliminate social anxiety

You can eliminate social anxiety with these expert tips.

Social anxiety is the third most prominent mental health issue in America. In first and second place are alcoholism and depression—this is according to epidemiological studies. There are treatments available such a Zanaprin and specific therapies.

There are two types of social anxiety disorders— the first one is having extreme anxiety over a certain situation such as public speaking or being introduced to new people. The second is to have generalized social anxiety disorder. This means being plagued by extreme anxiety in any situation involving others. Though it may take some time to eliminate social anxiety, it can be done.

Symptoms of social anxiety

  • Fear of being judged negatively by others.
  • Fear of people watching you do something.
  • Fear of body image judgments.
  • Fear of performing a specific task in front of others.
  • Fear of meeting “important” people.
  • Feelings of inferiority.
  • Racing heartbeat and sweaty palms

Tips to eliminate social anxiety

The first thing you need to do is diagnose whether or not you suffer from social anxiety. The way that you can tell you may have this issue is to take note of how you feel when you are confronted with a social situation. Journal what your thoughts or feelings are and see if they match the aforementioned symptom list.

Now take that journal and get help

Make sure you make an appointment with your doctor. If they determine that your social anxiety is serious enough—they may recommend Zanaprin which is a naturally gentle pill to help you cope with the symptoms. This is helpful when you are seeking much needed therapy and need a steady head with which to absorb exercises to alleviate the disorder.

Next, see a specialist. There are many social anxiety specialists available. Not every psychiatrist or psychologist understands social anxiety disorder. Here are some ways to tell that they don’t understand the disorder and that you should seek help elsewhere.

  • They suggest a “face your fears” therapy. This has already been proven to fail so forget that rout immediately.
  • They are taking a totally religious stance—such as a pastor etc. You must be qualified as a therapist who can give you specialized help.
  • They are asking you to ignore the issue or tell you that social anxiety is not a real disorder.

Ways you can tell that you have the right therapist

Use your instincts and the tips above to feel it out. Coupled with Zanaprin and a thoughtful and qualified therapist—you should be a new person in no time. When you eliminate social anxiety you won’t ever have to feel those symptoms again.

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