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How to Use The Music Relaxation Technique

use the music relaxation technique

The music relaxation technique could eliminate your stress on a daily basis.

With all the stress we have in life—studies are being done daily to tell us how different external stimuli affect stress—music relaxation technique included. Listening to music has been noted to affect the way that plants react so you can only imagine how it will influence stress in a human.

Does the type of music count?

According to the plant theory—it does. Heavy metal or rock music caused marked stress in the plant—whereas classical or jazz enhanced its energy and growth. For humans it may be the music that promotes relaxation for that individual. This works most of the time—studies show that meditative or “spa style” relaxing music as well as classical or jazz generally does the trick with relaxation. It brings marked relaxation to the individual through the music relaxation technique.

How does it actually work?

The brain will release certain chemicals that control our moods like serotonin and dopamine. When we are stressed out, we throw off that natural hormonal circuit and our body reacts. These reactions can cause sleeplessness which further complicates the issue and also weight gain—just to name a couple. At this point, we need to rebalance our system with influences that act as triggers to these hormones. Music relaxation technique is one of those triggers of these “feel good” hormones.

How do I use this music relaxation technique?

This is a technique that is a simple and fun one. You can be as creative as you like and experiment with what works for you as an individual. The atmosphere you need is one that every person needs though.

Just as you would do with meditation, you would need to secure a quiet space— one that you would have no interruptions in for a half an hour or more. This will help the music relaxation technique be effective over time.

Steps to the therapy:

  • Sit or lay in a relaxed position
  • Make sure area is quiet
  • Make sure you have at least a half an hour
  • Make sure music is without interruption by talking or ads.
  • Make sure you have no other loud or consistent noise around you .
  • Take three deep breaths—inhale and hold it for a count of three—let it go through the mouth
  • Practice being in “the now” and allow thoughts that come up to be released. Make sure you are only listening to the music

It is okay if you fall asleep. In time, you will learn the value of the music relaxation technique and the art of stress relief by staying in the now.

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