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Overcoming Social Anxiety: How to Fake It Till You Make It

secrets to overcoming social anxiety

Overcoming social anxiety is not always easy, but it can be done.

It can be a very debilitating medical condition, and one that is so often misunderstood so overcoming social anxiety can be key. If you suffer from this particular condition then you know firsthand that it can make going out in public feel so challenging. The same things that others may take for granted such as meeting up with friends or attending social engagements can leave you with anxiety, stress, and even depression. So how can you overcome this and ensure that others don’t know what’s going on?

When you think of what it takes in overcoming social anxiety think of how to put your best face forward. This means that though you may feel like you are crumbling on the inside, you allow yourself to look calm, cool, and collected on the outside. This means that you muster up the strength to smile and to keep yourself as calm as possible. Simple deep breathing techniques, visualization, and little pep talks that you give to yourself can really help tremendously. Whatever you can do to allow yourself to relax can help a lot!

Knowing Yourself and Thinking Through How To Be Prepared Always

Another way to think of overcoming social anxiety has much to do with preparation. Thinking of the type of social engagement that you are attending and then preparing yourself for it step by step can help your mindset. Think of the types of situations or people that may cause additional stress and anxiety. Try to avoid this but also think through some helpful coping mechanisms so that the problem doesn’t become bigger than you are. Preparation is the key to not only staying ahead of the anxiety, but also to ensuring that others don’t see just how tense you may feel.

It’s also crucial in overcoming social anxiety to think through what your biggest triggers are. For some it’s a certain type of setting like a date or a big party with lots of people. For others it may be the situations where you have to do a lot of one-on-one talking. Know firsthand what really tends to set off your tension and then try to think of how you can work through this on your own. This isn’t something to manage overnight, but if you are aware of what makes you feel great anxiety and you can manage to rise above it, then you can make social anxiety a much more manageable condition to live with.

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