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PTSD Treatment Methods

PTSD treatment options

PTSD is a treatable condition, but it may take some time to find what works best for you.

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition which affects the nervous system and the mental and emotional health of the sufferer. It is generally developed by soldiers and those with career pathways that are subject to traumatic experiences. This is also true of police officers, firemen and the like.

In the past, this condition was so elusive that no one really knew how to treat it—but now with medications like Zanaprin and other therapies we are seeing breakthroughs. New PTSD treatment options are now providing a brighter future for sufferers.

Modern PTSD treatment options and therapies:

Antipsychotics: Depending on the frequency and intensity of emotional outbursts and serious anxiety attacks—you may be prescribed—in short course—antipsychotics. These can only be taken for a short period of time.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture and acupressure have also been known as an effective reliever of PTSD symptoms. It is a drug free alternative for the relief of mild to moderate symptoms.

Advanced transcendental meditation: This is a PTSD treatment that is used to relieve mild to moderate symptoms. It is a simple training that is used in India and taught here in the west. It entails deep thoughtless meditation and controlled breathing. While sitting straight in lotus position, you close the eyes and breathe deeply—holding each breath for a count of three and exhaling. When you exhale—you repeat the “mantra” of your choice such as OHM. This relieves the pressure on the central nervous system.

Anti-anxiety medications: These are prescribed at different levels for different people depending on what the sufferer’s level of anxiety is. Sometimes the person needs to have a little help through whatever alternative treatment they wish to have. The most traditional medications are valium and Xanax but for those who want a more natural and gentle type of it—there is Zanaprin. This is used traditionally as a gentle sleep aid but works well for anxiety without really uncomfortable side-effects.

Other ways to help anxiety brought about by PTSD is talking about it. When you are ready—studies have shown that you are more likely to heal faster from PTSD if you talk to someone you trust—it should probably be along with the aid of a licensed person who is specially trained in the characteristics of PTSD. This is a special kind of psychology that is unlike anything else and should be treated by those with plenty of experience for the safety of the patient.

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