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How to Use Self Hypnosis for Stress Relief

These days stress is on the rise whether it be money, family, jobs or all of the above—we are all looking for relief. The great news is that it seems more and more people are looking for healthier way apart from drugs to combat this.

self hypnosis for a stress relief

Self hypnosis is an excellent way to get immediate stress relief.

What is self hypnosis?

When people think hypnosis they think of being placed in a position of being out of control. People think it’s either hokum or dangerous. The good news is, it is neither.

Do I need a license to perform self-hypnosis?

No, because you are not a practitioner who is assisting you in the secession of a habit like smoking, drinking or overeating. It is simply retraining the brain while you are fully aware to think differently or just to simply relax. It’s up to you how far you want to go with it all.

Self hypnosis to relax:

If you simply want to relax the self hypnosis is an easy trick to master. Basically you will have a head start if you’ve ever done any kind of meditation at all. But if you haven’t it’s OK you can learn anyway.

The fastest way is to get straight on to YouTube. If you have a decent internet connection and a quiet space with a pair of ear buds then you are go to go! Search self hypnosis for stress and you will find a lot to experiment with. There are a lot of renown hypnotists out there that can assist you free of charge.

Self hypnosis to change the way you think:

This takes more time than just simply the relaxation techniques. So, does that mean you have to pay a therapist? No it doesn’t. It just means that whichever trait you wish to change—is the video you choose. For example, type in “break habit of worry”—then you will find something to target worry etc. It takes three weeks at least to relearn new habits.

Each person has a different issue that gives them stress so each person has to choose what it is they will use to reprogram their brain with.

When is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is only slightly dangerous when someone programs the brain with suggestions that are no good for it—however, this must be done willingly by the receiver. So, you are in the best position when you are the one doing the self hypnosis.

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