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Top Five Sources of Stress

top sources of stress

Of the top sources of stress, money plays a major role in all of them.

Today the usual stress list has changed a bit. It used to be that death and divorce were the number one highest choices—but they aren’t. One of the number one stressors is money and that will be the first of the top five sources of stress we list here.

Top five sources of stress:

Money: Money is the main cause of stress according to most polls since 2005 when the economy started to take a dive. This comes in the form of the worry over an inflation that isn’t shrinking and a paycheck that isn’t inflating. This has thrown out a lot of traditional ideas that people generally have—such as college funds and vacations.

Death of a loved one: Believe it or not, people are more stressed now on a long-term basis, from money than the death of a loved one. This is because there is closure with the death of a loved one—especially when it is an expected thing—but with money—not a lot of people can see the light at the end of the tunnel—so long term depression sets in.

Divorce: This one is also near the top of the list of the top five sources of stress—but not for reasons it used to be. Many polled in the past few years actually say that in truth the divorce and being separated from the stressful home actually relieved them. The stress was from the being uprooted and the starting over more than anything else—apart from the monetary situation.

Job stress: Most people polled are miserable with their jobs and chosen career pathways. The is for a multitude of reasons—most of which are individual but the most prevalent reason in the top five sources of stress is—the fact that their jobs may become obsolete any minute, so they can’t plan a life.

Kids: Yes, having kids right now is an extreme stressor! This is not new but it made it to the top five sources of stress because it is new in regards to being openly admitted. People are slowing down on the kid thing because it is the fear of an uncertain future for them caused by—again—money and the lack of it. If we can’t help the kids plan their future—then it becomes stressful and the second reason is safety because we are unleashing them into a more dangerous world.

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