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How Zanaprin Could Help You Eliminate Emotional Eating

eliminate emotional eating

It can be difficult to eliminate emotional eating without help. Zanaprin can help stop over-eating caused by negative emotion.

Emotional eating is one of the number one ways we gain weight. Believe it or not, this is not just a female issue. Females are just more widely and publicly associated with that because they are more likely to seek help for the problem. This is a human issue that is not limited to sex, race, or any other label. Emotional eating is also seen as something you do when you are deeply upset or depressed. This is also a myth that needs busting. There are drugs that are very gentle without a lot of side effects that you can use to help the issue like Zanaprin. However, we need to help you understand what emotional eating is in order for you to identify whether you or someone you know is doing this.

Eating for a variety of emotions:

We all have a variety of emotions. When we engage in emotional eating it doesn’t mean we are upset or depressed. That picture of a person sitting in front of a TV with a pint of ice cream after a bad breakup is the poster child for emotional eating–and it is only the tip of the iceberg. Emotional eating is so much more than that. It can come when good things happen too. When we celebrate, we also have the urge to eat and it is usually something fun and fattening or sweet. When we are anticipating something good or bad we have the urge to eat. Although some people have the opposite effect but we will stick with the eating urge here.

When we are bored, this is also considered emotional eating and even when we reward ourselves with food after we get an ‘A’ on a test or a promotion at work–we want to eat then as well.

When to know it is a problem and what to do:

When emotional eating becomes an issue is when we are either in the midst of dieting and we come across one of the aforementioned situations and begin to eat. If this sabotages the diet then you are in deep trouble. Or, when you are not dieting but you are gaining weight because this is happening several times a week. Then you know you need a handle on it. You also need to identify a depression issue and if this is happening along with emotional eating then you need something that is not addictive to help you along. Drugs like Zanaprin can assist you with this and can be taken without too much worry about side effects and addictions.

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