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These Ayurvedic Herbs Can Give You a Better Night's Sleep

ayurvedic herbs for sleep and relaxation

Ayurvedic herbs for sleep can be added to teas and sipped before bed every evening.

There are many cases when people resort to unconventional means to fall asleep. These methods include relying on pharmaceutical drugs. However, these remedies only provide temporary relief against insomnia. The best thing to do is to try to get rid of the root cause of this problem. This can only be achieved by using a natural method to induce sleep. The answer to insomnia is Ayurvedic herbs for sleep.

Lime Flower

Many Ayurvedic herbs for sleep are known for their sedative properties. However, it is not necessary to consume them orally. A great way to use lime flower is to infuse it in water. A warm lime-flower-infused bath before bedtime will bring on a pleasant sleep. There are many other advantages of using lime flower in water. Firstly, lime flower is known for relaxing tense muscles. This can prove to be especially helpful if you exercise. Secondly, the lime flower is known to relax the mind. If you have a desk job and get stressed mentally, it will help you calm down and will induce a sound sleep.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea can be consumed on a daily basis to realign your sleep patterns. A great way to use this is to drink it an hour before bedtime. Once you feel that your sleep pattern is realigned, you can reduce the consumption. Do keep in mind that you should not stop using herbal tea at once. Instead, you should taper off the dosage gradually. This way, your body will regain its natural sleep cycle. If you quit drinking the herbal tea at once, the sleep cycle could become disrupted again.


Many Ayurvedic herbs for sleep are natural sedatives or tranquilizers. One such herb is the passionflower. It can be used on a regular basis as a cure for restlessness. You can also use passionflower to induce sleep. Apart from these qualities, the passionflower is also known to relax muscles. For instance, if a muscle has a spasm, passionflower can easily cure it in a natural manner. These nerve-calming and pain-relieving qualities make passionflower an ideal herb for better sleep.

Nervine Herbs

There are many herbs that are classed as nervine. These herbs are known to relieve tension. Once your mind is free of tension, the body can sleep soundly. The most commonly used nervine herbs are chamomile, vervain and skullcap. In most cases, insomnia is caused by restlessness. Use of Ayurvedic herbs for sleep such as vervain and skullcap can cure restlessness.

If you want to get a good sleep at night, be sure to use the abovementioned herbal remedies.

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