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How Your Sex Life Affects Your Happiness

how your sex life affects your happiness

Your sex life affects your happiness in a few different ways that you might not be aware of.

There is no doubt about the fact that regular sexual intercourse helps you relax. It helps relieve stress and keeps you healthy as well. Due to the profound effects sex has on your body, it brings about a feeling of happiness. There are many ways your sex life affects your happiness. Let’s look at some of them.

Reduces Depression

The first and foremost reason that you feel happy after sex is because it reduces depression. Individuals who engage in sex experience a boost in serotonin in their body. Serotonin is also commonly referred to as the “happy hormone.” It is the body’s natural defense against depression. This is one of the main reasons why people always feel happy after having sex.

Immunity from Viruses

Another way your sex life affects your happiness is by helping you stay healthy. People often catch cold and flu during weather changes. Regular sexual intercourse increases the levels of IgA in your body. IgA or immunoglobulin is a type of antibody. This is produced naturally in the body and protects you against cold and flu viruses. If you have sex at least twice a week, you can boost your IgA levels by at least 30 percent.

Younger Appearance

Everyone wants to look younger. This is another way how your sex life affects your happiness. You can appear up to five years younger if you engage in sex regularly. You will be extremely happy if you can beat the aging effect. But do keep in mind that you simply engaging in sex is not sufficient to appear younger. Research shows that the quality of sex matters more than the quantity. So, if you engage in loving sex, you are more likely to look younger.

Calorie Burning

One of the most important questions people have about sex is whether it can improve health. Sex is a great cardiovascular exercise. Having sex twice a week can relieve you of a significant amount of calories. Having sex for thirty minutes can burn up to 100 calories. On the other hand, if you try various positions, you can tone your body and work different muscle groups as well.

Heart Attack Prevention

One research conducted by a university showed that having sex three times a week reduces the risk of a heart attack in men by 50 percent. The same goes for women. For women who are able to reach orgasm at least twice a week, it could reduce the risk of heart attack by 30 percent.

If you are wondering how your sex life affects your happiness, be sure to consider the abovementioned points.

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