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Teen Insomnia May Lead to Anxiety and Stress

Teen Insomnia and anxiety

Teen insomnia can lead to anxiety and stress in school and more.

Anxiety and stress are a growing concern, especially amongst teens. There are numerous reasons for teens to be suffering from immense stress. The foremost reason is sleep deprivation. Most teens do not maintain a proper sleep pattern. They often stay up late to study or for other purposes and, as a result, wake up late—or they go to sleep late but wake up early in the morning. This leads to many problems down the road.

The first and foremost issue is insomnia. Almost every other teen nowadays suffers from mild or severe insomnia. The problem arises when teen insomnia causes anxiety and stress. Not only does it make the insomnia worse but it is also the leading cause for substance abuse in teens.

Research has been conducted to study the effects of insomnia on an average teen’s life. The study monitored over 250 students aged 12 to 18. The purpose of the study was to understand the sleeping habits of teens. The study also shed light on their mental health and chronotype. The results revealed new facts about teen insomnia. The study concluded that teens are more likely to suffer from insomnia between the ages of 13 and 16.

The problem of insomnia amongst teens is not new, but it has recently gained attention in the scientific community because anxiety and stress were found to be linked to insomnia. Most teens are active during the evening. They often go out with friends or stay up late to study. It is a popular practice amongst teens to study during the night. Teens who are more active during the evening were found to be at a greater risk of insomnia and depression.
The worst part about stress and anxiety is that it does not just affect your mental health but also your metabolism. Once your metabolism is disturbed, you are bound to gain weight. Therefore, stress and anxiety amongst teens represent one of the main causes for obesity.

There are many other studies underway to study teen insomnia in depth. These studies aim to find methods of countering insomnia. Once teen insomnia is addressed, stress and anxiety amongst teens can also be curbed. Eventually, the problem of substance and drug abuse amongst teens will be countered.
Teens who are suffering from insomnia should get help as soon as possible. If the problem worsens, they will eventually face anxiety and depression, which may lead to drug addiction or other unhealthy behaviors.

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