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Why Do Women Feel More Anxiety at Work Than Men?

Women's Anxiety at Work

Women deal with anxiety at work differently than men do.

Whenever you are suffering from anxiety, your performance at works suffers to a certain extent. Men and women both experience a significant decrease in productivity if they are suffering from anxiety. However, a recent study claims that women tend to suffer from anxiety more often than men do. There are many reasons why women get more anxious at work. Let’s look at why women feel more anxiety at work than men do:

According to a recent study by the American Sociological Association, women suffer from anxiety at the workplace due to risky situations. Due to these situations, their performance drops significantly. The study also concluded that risky situations do not affect men as much. This is why their performance remains stable.

Many people misunderstand risky situations. Risky situations are simply instances in which the outcome is uncertain or undesired. Do keep in mind that the anxiety is not necessarily caused by situations with a negative outcome. Anxiety at work may even be caused by uncertain situations that have a positive outcome.
Susan Fisk is one of the authors of the study that was conducted to study the effects of workplace anxiety on women. She concluded that risk situations at workplaces occur all the time. In fact, these situations arise more often than one may notice. There are many uncertain situations that can trigger anxiety in women.

To determine the effects of anxiety at work in men and women, Frisk designed an experiment. The participants in the experiment were given scenarios in a non-risky or risky way. Once they were given a scenario, the participants were asked to write down how they would react to it. In addition, they were asked to provide reasons for the way they would handle the situation. The participants were also asked to write down about the feelings they would have if they were in that situation.

Once this experiment was conducted, the participants were tested for anxiety. One of the most surprising effects of this experiment was that men’s anxiety levels did not fluctuate between risky and non-risky situations. On the other hand, women who were presented risky scenarios were relatively more anxious than the ones who were given non-risky scenarios.

Anxiety has a huge impact on the way women perform at work. It not only affects their performance on a short-term basis but also, in the long run, affects their ability to achieve success in their respective industry.

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