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Yoga Can Relieve Stress in Children

Relieve Stress in Children with Yoga

If you have a little one that could use some cheering up, yoga can be used to relieve stress in children.

It is generally an unusual sight to see an American child doing yoga. However, making your kids start early with yoga has proven to help them nurture skills for controlling stress. By doing yoga, they can unwind and boost their concentration and self-esteem. Children already have an advantage over adults in taking up yoga—that is, flexibility. Their flexibility helps them become stronger and attain healthier bodies and, as a result, healthier minds. Moreover, it helps them to build a longer attention span. The breathing exercises in yoga are believed to have a calming effect on the children.

At present, children live in a world of busy parents, peer pressures, nonstop lessons, video games, and iPads. These influences may stress out kids more than most people think. The active pace of children’s lives can have a deep impact on their natural joy, typically not for the better. To relieve stress in children, yoga can play an important role.

While doing yoga, children pretend to be trees blowing in the wind, squatting frogs, or fluttering birds. The results show that these small activities, performed during yoga, have a soothing effect on children. Such children are found to be less aggressive and stressed and more focused. Yoga seems to relieve stress in children by making them happy, calm, and relaxed.

Physically, it improves their flexibility, power, synchronization, and body awareness and spiritually enhances their sense of tranquility and relaxation. When children perform yoga, they exercise, connect more profoundly with their inner self, and build up an intimate connection with nature around them.

When yogis instituted the asanas thousands of years back, they lived a life close to the nature and were inspired by animals and plants. They studied the scorpions, the swans, and the grounded trees. During yoga, children replicate, think, and act like other beings and take on their qualities. When they are made to pose like a lion, for instance, they experience not only the force and demeanor of the lion but also their own sense of power—that is, when they should be aggressive and when they must retreat.

Yoga helps relieve stress in children as they study techniques for relaxation and inner fulfillment. This is why relieving stress in children through yoga enables them to navigate life’s challenges easily and effortlessly. Yoga, at an early age, boosts self-esteem and body awareness with a physical routine that’s noncompetitive.

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