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The Link Between Anxiety and Gut Bacteria

Anxiety and Gut Bacteria link

Anxiety and gut bacteria share a link that you probably don’t know much about.

There is a lot of recent speculation as to the connection between anxiety and gut bacteria. It is true that our state of mind plays a significant role in the way we feel, and rampant or uncontrolled anxiety can actually wreak havoc on your body’s ability to digest food correctly or protect itself from illness. The link between the human brain and the human body is clear, and although most studies on the matter have been conducted on animals, it is easy to see that anxiety and gut bacteria levels are closely related, regardless of species.

Follow Your Gut to Better Health

Thanks to the genius scientists at Oxford, we can now see this same, clear connection between anxiety and gut bacteria in human beings that we have seen in animal test subjects. Interestingly, some of the most popular bacteria-boosting supplements even have anti-anxiety additives in them for this very reason. Most people are familiar with that sickening feeling and inability to eat when an anxiety attack hits, and this is because of the effect that your mindset has on your body’s ability to digest and metabolize foods. In short, your gut will tell you when you are stressed out.

How Gut Bacteria Can Transform Your Outlook

Did you know that modern research has shown that adequate gut bacteria can virtually alleviate anxiety and certain types of depression? It’s true: those who do not understand the connection between anxiety and gut bacteria should listen up. A recent study showed how those who took a prebiotic (basically, a type of food for their thriving gut bacteria) were happier people overall, as well as more equipped to deal with stress. What’s more, healthy gut bacteria can even render favorable results as far as proper brain function and mental or emotional well-being.

Medicine for the Heart and Stomach

It is a fact that proper gut bacteria can actually produce the same anxiety-alleviating results as some medications. One of the best ways to combat anxiety and gut bacteria issues is to eat a healthy diet that is full of foods with probiotics and prebiotics, as well as fiber to help push the positive effects through the body. With lower levels of cortisol and a sturdier immune system, those who are continually faced with anxiety might find solace in raising their gut bacteria to optimal levels.

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