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Quick Ways to Calm the Nervous System

Calm the Nervous System Fast

When you feel like you can’t take anymore, try taking a walk to calm the nervous system quickly.

Sometimes stress gets the best of all of us. No matter how hard you may try and how great your intentions may be, you may find that some days are quite challenging and stressful. After a series of stressful days or circumstances you may feel growing anxiety and therefore need to find a way to calm the nervous system. You know when it’s not working properly and you can feel it when you are overwhelmed and succumbing to the negative effects—and this is when you must put a stop to it!

When you are stressed or anxious you may feel as if your whole system is short circuiting. You may feel heart palpitations, have a hard time concentrating or focusing, you may have shortness of breath, and obviously all of this wreaks havoc on your physical and mental health. So though you might not think that stress can cause that many problems, after awhile it can really get the best of you if you allow it to. Though you may not think about your nervous system specifically, you will find that the long term effects on it from too much stress can be devastating.

So before you hurt your health now or into the long term, it’s essential to think of ways to calm yourself down. These methods can help you to calm the nervous system and to work through whatever stress you face in your everyday life.

Meditation: This is an excellent way to calm down your nerves, your brain, and just get away from whatever is causing you stress. You are able to slow down, relax, and unwind by focusing only on your breathing away from all distractions. You are in a relaxed state and this does wonders to your mindset and your physical health. This will give you the break that you need and allow you to focus on taking deep breaths and getting into a truly relaxed state in every sense of the word.

Learn to walk away to manage your stress: If something is causing you stress, then it’s up to you to learn to walk away from it. This is much easier said than done initially, but if you can take the time to manage your stress then you will stay ahead of it. Recognize when the physical symptoms are coming at you, and then use this as your cue for moving away from the source of the anxiety. Just make a conscious choice to get away from the problem and then you always manage your stress in a really effective manner.

Drink a cup of tea: It may sound cliché but there is something very relaxing and calming about drinking a hot cup of tea. Use this as your opportunity to unwind, refocus, and get your nerves in check. Herbal or green teas also happen to be the most beneficial blends, and just taking that tea break can really serve you well as a coping mechanism.

Try herbs and vitamins: You might just need to upgrade your Vitamin C or Vitamin B intake. It may be that you are lacking in magnesium, or perhaps that you need to turn to a more robust supplement such as ginseng. Whatever you are deficient in or perhaps just need a bit more of may be the key to helping you to calm the nervous system in a natural way. Take a multi vitamin that gives you everything that you need in a day. Try some herbs that help to calm you down such as rosea, ginger, or even fresh mint or lavender. Take them in supplement form and try fresh lemon as a scent that can calm you no matter what is going on.

Recognize your triggers and work to avoid overloading yourself: You will learn to really be in tune to what sets you off, and that’s a key element to moving forward successfully. Not only do you have to identify the stressful circumstances so as to avoid them, but also how your body reacts to them. If you start to feel your heart race or get that shortness of breath then you are reacting. If you get frequent stomach aches or headaches then you know that something is amiss.

Simply being able to identify the problem areas helps you to calm the nervous system in a proactive way, and therefore you can heal yourself naturally. Knowing yourself, learning what make up your most common problem areas, and then working to avoid them is how to help yourself to be your best and therefore ensure that you protect your physical and mental health always.

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