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The Root Causes of Anxiety and How to Overcome Them

root Causes of Anxiety

The root causes of anxiety have a lot to do with your state of mind and thinking patterns.

The only trees that manage to survive hurricanes are the ones with flexible barks, allowing them to bend with the direction of the wind. The root causes of anxiety are trying to control circumstances instead of dealing with them. Indeed, if we do not mould circumstances, we will be unable to mould our future and simply drift from one day to another. However, it takes real wisdom to understand what needs changing and what needs to be let go. The circumstances that are out of our control need to be let go and with it we let go of any anxiety that comes from resisting the present moment.

Live In the Present

Most of the times we are living our lives, drifting from one moment to another, without really living and relishing the moment that stands right in front of us. It is part of human nature to look forward to the future while living in the past and completely ignoring the present moment. This is among the foremost causes of anxiety. If only we would stop dreaming about the future and reliving the past in our head and accept that we are where we are and this moment, right now, needs to be lived before it becomes a memory, we would let go of this constant resistance that results from not living in the moment.

An Attitude of Gratitude

We crave what we do not have and pay no attention to all that we do have. This attitude is one of the root causes of anxiety that we experience. Take a look at all that you have and all that you have achieved and imagine what your life would have been without these things that we take for granted. Stop trying to add one belonging after another to your possession and instead take time to enjoy what you have.


About 70 to 80% of our anxiety comes from not being happy with who we are and constantly trying to be someone else. We look at ourselves critically, constantly analyzing our faults and flaws while a steady stream of self-deprecating thoughts continuously inhabit our mind. It is like living with someone who can only see fault in us. Needless to say, it is not fun and there is only so much you can take in before you start losing confidence and accept that you are not good at anything and you have zero potential.

Each of us has a lot of good things going for us and of course there are some things that could be better but they could also have been worse. If we start looking at the positive aspects of our circumstances, we will be able to live a lot happier. We are a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in our head so think of what you think throughout the day and keep in mind that these thoughts will make up your tomorrow. You need to start thinking better thoughts in order to have a happier today and tomorrow.

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