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Fast Ways to Stop an Anxiety Attack

Stop an Anxiety Attack fast

Using these tips to stop an anxiety attack quickly can be a major help in many situations.

Anxiety and panic attacks may be difficult to stop as you are unsure of your feelings and do not know how to feel better. You are so busy focusing on the future that you actually worsen your present by stressing yourself over something that might have a low probability of occurring in the future. Here, we share some of the ways to stop and manage anxiety attacks.

Start Taking Deep Breaths

Start inhaling fresh air to a count of four. Fill the pit of your stomach with air and then gently exhale to the count of four. Repeat this repeatedly until you feel relaxed. Powerful breathing stimulates relaxation in the body and aids the body in shifting from the flight response to relaxation mode.

Control of Your Brain

Yes, we understand our brain controls us. But in anxious situations, control your brain by reminding it that the situation is not as bad as it thinks. Try to think about the positive in the situation. Think hard, until you come up with a reason to calm yourself down. This practice helps remove shame and guilt, which comes along with anxiety attacks and helps you feel better in a situation where you fixate responsibility on yourself for whatever wrong is happening.

Try Calm Visualization

Imagine yourself doing your favorite thing, like achieving a dream or buying your dream car. It may be difficult to shift the focus of your mind. However, once you do it successfully, you will recover from the anxiety attack quickly. Normally, we judge our own emotions and label them as good and bad. When you panic, stop judging yourself, and try to think about pleasing scenarios.

Focus On the Present

An anxiety attack occurs when we get worried about consequences and future events. If we try to think about the present and not lose our calm, we may not only save the present situation but can save the future from being damaged as well. So, try to think about what you should do now at this moment.

Use Positive Self-Talk

Pamper yourself with positive self-talk. Tell yourself that you are not responsible for what happened and you did your best. Try to feel that you are going through an anxiety attack and you need to manage it. Try to remember all the times you made a decision and were praised by everyone.

These are some fast ways you can use to stop anxiety attacks, if you feel one coming on.

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