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A Sedentary Lifestyle Could Increase Your Risk of Anxiety

You sedentary lifestyle may be hurting you more than you think. Little to no physical activity could be raising your risk of anxiety dramatically.

You sedentary lifestyle may be hurting you more than you think. Little to no physical activity could be raising your risk of anxiety dramatically.

Do you spend the better part of your day sitting down? If yes, then you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary behavior (also known as physical inactivity) is now viewed as a global epidemic. As per health experts, “sitting is the new smoking”. The facts on sedentary lifestyles are alarming. Today, the average Joe sits for around 11 hours in a day. And 20% of deaths among individuals aged below 35 are associated with physical inactivity. Here, it is important to note that researchers now state a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of anxiety.

Recent reports have identified a connection between an increased risk of anxiety and sitting. Researchers from the Deakin University have found that an individual’s overall daily sitting time is directly connected with a higher risk of anxiety. These facts are believed to be the first ever systematic review which looks at the relationship between sedentary behavior and anxiety.

Sedentary activities have reached new highs in the digital age. Most people today tend to spend excessive majority of the time sitting in front of a screen, i.e. playing video games, working on the computer, watching TV, or just attached to our mobile devices. This is why health experts emphasize on living a more “active” lifestyle. They also believe future studies on the connection between inactivity and anxiety will be used for finding a solution to this problem. This will be beneficial for all those individuals who are usually forced to sit on their chairs for extended periods of time at work.

Due to these findings and reports, it is being hoped that in the near future people will be more careful about a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, the harmful effects of excessive sitting have also been the centre of attention for the media, as well as its association with the risk of anxiety. This is why many businesses and schools are now encouraging their employees and students to work out regularly and also use standing desks.

The proponents of this change claim that if you can improve your lifestyle with simple changes, now is the best time to start. Furthermore, this change is also seen as an acceptable part of our society, as an individual with high anxiety is likely to feel socially awkward. Finally, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and want to avoid the risk of anxiety, it is time you take matters into your own hands and start working out on a regular basis. You will most certainly be surprised by how much of a change getting active will have on your life and health.

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