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How to Help a Friend Suffering from Anxiety

Friend Suffering from Anxiety

If you have a friend suffering from anxiety, a listening ear and plenty of support is really the best medicine.

Anxiety disorders are so complex that it can be hard for a person to cope with it. Their anxiety issues not only affect them but their friends and families as well. Because anxiety doesn’t produce any obvious symptoms, it becomes difficult for loved ones to understand how they can be helpful. Anxiety cannot exactly be resolved through logic and reasoning either. In this article, you will learn effective ways in which you can help a loved one who is suffering from anxiety.

What Living with Anxiety Is Like
Before you try to help anyone suffering from anxiety, let’s first get into their mindset. People with anxiety disorders are experiencing anxiety on another level. It is not the kind of anxiety you feel during an exam or before a job interview. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

Anxiety is self-sustaining, which means it can cause problems with your mind and body, making it impossible to control. The symptoms of anxiety are not limited to nervousness or sweating, but it can get much worse, such as hypersensitivity. The longer a person suffers from anxiety, the stronger the symptoms they develop. Anxieties also create a ripple effect, which means after a person develops one type of anxiety they may develop other types of anxiety as well.

Helping People Who Suffer From Anxiety
Before you reach out to someone and help them with their anxiety disorders, remember that each person is different and has different needs. Never force your help on someone suffering from anxiety as it could worsen their symptoms. There is no cookie cutter solution to dealing with people suffering from anxiety.

Let Them Be Open
Make your anxious friend comfortable so that they are able to communicate their fears to you. They shouldn’t feel judged or scared by you. Rather, you should be their confidant.

Be Patient with Them
People suffering from anxiety know that some of their fears are irrational but they can’t help thinking about them. So, don’t try to use logic and reasoning or ask them to snap out of it. Be understanding of their situation.

Give Them Your Time and Attention
When you spend time with your friend, it will keep their mind off their anxieties. Also, your attention will make them feel important and loved.

Don’t Remind Them of Their Anxieties
Never trigger their anxieties by talking about it. Once they start thinking about the things that make them nervous, it becomes hard to stop.

Create Change for Them
Help your friend come out of their bubble. Do fun activities together and go outdoors as much as possible. Being active outdoors is a great remedy for anxiety disorders.

Praise Them and Appreciate Their Efforts
When your friend starts improving, make sure you remind them of their efforts and how far they have come. If you see a positive change in their behavior and fewer occurrences of anxiety symptoms, point it out to them and make them feel better about themselves.

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