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How to Overcome Anxiety during the Holidays

Overcome Anxiety during the HolidaysWinter holidays are the most festive season of the entire year, but it doesn’t come without reasons to get anxious or stressed out. The gift shopping, the gift wrapping, the cooking, the baking, the cleaning; the list never ends. So, it’s no shocker if you are experiencing anxiety during the holidays. The big family dinner, family traditions and obligations don’t make it any easier. But fear not! With the following tips you can easily release your anxiety during the holidays.

Plan Ahead
A great way to offset anxiety is by planning ahead of time. Not being able to get everything done in time is frustrating. Plus, you cannot leave everything for the last minute, because come Christmas Day, everything will be closed. So, start putting things together at least two months ahead of time. A to-do list will be helpful and it will allow you to organize your holiday planning.

Set a Budget
Holidays can also attack your savings. So, instead of randomly picking up gifts, make a holiday budget. Depending on how much you want to spend, categorize all expenses, such as gifts, food ingredients, decorations, etc. This way, you won’t freak out because of a large credit card bill after the holidays end.

Get Help
You don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask your spouse, kids, siblings or even parents to help you out. You can make a shopping list and hand it to your husband. You can ask your mom to make the pie. You can get your kids to clean the house. Doing everything by yourself will only increase your anxiety during the holidays.

Embrace Winter

Winter can also make you feel anxious and depressed. The gloom and cold of the weather can start reflecting on your mood as well. So, instead of letting the winter blues get to you, go out and embrace it. Build a Santa snowman in the front yard, grab a peppermint coffee from Starbucks and enjoy the holiday tunes playing in the mall.

Avoid Negative Energy
Holiday celebrations also mean you may run into people that you managed to dodge all year round. However, you need to remind yourself it’s only going to last a few hours. So, instead of sulking around because someone said something, ditch the drama and reconnect with your friends and family. Holidays may also make you miss the presence of a loved one that wasn’t with you this year. Don’t let it bring you down. Instead bring out the old family pictures and reminisce over joyful memories.

Enjoy the Festive Atmosphere
If you have successfully jumped over all holiday obstacles and still feeling anxious, try to embrace the festive atmosphere. When you start engaging in all the festive activities, your anxiety will melt off you like ice. Indulge in your favorite holiday foods, wear your old Christmas sweater, have drinks with your friends and family and just enjoy everything you were looking forward to.

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