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Top 5 Meditations to Lower Anxiety Levels

Lower Anxiety Levels with meditation exercises

Meditation exercises can dramatically lower anxiety levels to help your mind and body get to a calm state.

Anxiety is a common problem faced by people around the world. The modern lifestyle is conducive to stress and sometimes you might feel as though there is no escape. You may even start feeling at times that you have too much on your plate and this will automatically lead to anxiety. Well, if you are anxious and find yourself fretting over the smallest of things, here are 5 meditations you can try to lower anxiety levels:

Early Morning Meditation
It is likely that you get out of bed and head straight to the shower so that you don’t get late for work. This means you can wake up in panic mode. Therefore, it is best that you start your day with a meditation. To make this work, you have to wake up a little earlier than usual, at least 15 minutes. Find a secluded spot in your home with no distractions and sit there with your eyes closed. Tilt your head in the direction of your heart. Try to follow your breathing pattern, opening your heart at each breath. This will send plenty of oxygen to your brain, leading to lower anxiety levels.

Dealing with Stress
To make this meditation work, you have to recognize the common stressors which cause anxiety. Once done, sit down and ponder on them. Convince yourself to believe that the problem that is causing stress is no longer there and that you will focus on peace instead. Also, tell yourself that the negative feelings you have inside are not who you are.

The 3-Minute Quickie
This is a quick meditation you can try at any point when you feel burdened. This will help you get rid of anxiety in 3 minutes. All you have to do is sit on a comfortable chair with your hands placed on your lap. Close your eyes and focus on your mind and the thoughts you have. One by one, set these thoughts aside and focus on the peace and calm around you.

Treasuring Happiness
If you cannot find peace in your current surroundings, you can always go back to a happy place in your mind. Whenever you have an experience you enjoyed or when you were at peace, focus on it and store it in your memory bank. It will come in useful later.

For Anxiety Attacks
The worst-case scenario for you is if you have an anxiety attack. If you don’t react quickly, it could last for an hour or so. To make this work, you have to visualize a ‘Clear’ button that you can press and any thoughts burdening you will be cleared from your mind. Press the button as soon as you see it and then count to three. Breathe deeply as you count and keep your eyes closed. To enhance the impact and lower anxiety levels, associate each number with a different color.

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