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Foods in the 20/20 Diet Help Lower Anxiety

2020 Diet review

Leafy green vegetables are one of the foods in the 20/20 diet that help to combat anxiety.

When Dr. Phil’s 20/20 diet plan was launched, it took the world by storm. Diet lovers over the world jumped on the bandwagon to be the first to follow up on this miraculous dieting regime. However, instead of listing the innumerable benefits of the 20/20 diet, which you must already be familiar with, this article imparts a few lesser known secrets! Did you know that the diet incorporates top-notch anxiety lowering foods that when consumed, helps you stay stress free and happy? Here are 5 such foods in the 20/20 diet that helps you ward off anxiety:

Green Leafy Vegetables
While people are prone to be enticed by a succulent gooey cheeseburger when stressed, going green can do way more as a comfort food. All leafy green vegetables, such as collard greens, spinach, and kale, incorporates folate, which generates a pleasure-inducing brain chemical, dopamine, which helps you stay calm. A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders in 2012, examined 2,800 elderly and middle-aged people and revealed that individuals who had eaten the most folate had alleviated risks of depression symptoms than people who did not consume Folate. Another study conducted at the University of Otago in 2013, revealed that college students felt more energetic, happier, and calmer on days when they had consumed Folate. Healthy food can help perk up your mood faster than that decadent piece of pie that is going to linger forever on the hips.

Incorporating more fish in your meals helps you feel more at ease! An omega 3 rich diet, such as Cod, helps keep adrenaline and cortisol in check and prevents them from spiking when you are feeling stress. Cod is an excellent source of Omega. Consuming 4 ounces of fish thrice a week can go a long way in protecting your heart when the stress hormones surge.

Stress makes you munch more so why not munch on stress-relieving almonds? Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E and B2, both of which serve to bolster the immune system in stressful situations. Consuming only a quarter cup of almonds a day can do the trick.

While it may sound bizarre, your gut bacteria might be contributing to anxiety and stress. Research has proven that the brain signals directly to the gut, and symptoms of stress can inflame gastrointestinal symptoms. This could reverse the flow of conversation, i.e. from the gut to the brain. A study conducted at the UCLA in 2013, examined 36 individuals and published that the probiotics incorporated in yogurt can diminish brain activity in zones that handle emotion and stress.


Every time you brain is wrecked with relentless loops of negative thoughts playing over and over repeatedly; doing something recurrently can silence the inner monologue. Even things like kneading bread, knitting, or shelling pistachios can help you calm down. Not to mention the innumerable benefits of pistachios for your cardiovascular health. The diet-friendly nuts constitute key phytonutrients that supply antioxidant support for a great cardiovascular health.”

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