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Could Productivity Guilt Be the Cause of Anxiety and Stress?

Productivity a Cause of Anxiety

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you don’t feel productive. Is poor productivity the cause of your anxiety and guilt?

A majority of people around the world complain about not having enough time. They feel they have too much on their plate to handle within 24 hours and it would be better if there were more hours. This is why you see people sacrificing sleep just to get important work done. However, if you develop productivity guilt, i.e. you start feeling you are not doing enough, it could be overwhelming. You will find yourself complaining about not being organized and at the same time not doing something about it. So, can productivity guilt be the cause of anxiety and stress?

Well, the answer is, plain and simple, yes. When you feel you have too much to do, you will be distracted by the guilt. Yes, the guilt of not being productive will keep you from doing actual work. You will lose focus and be unable to do anything, in the process becoming even more unproductive. In fact, your guilt will keep increasing over time. And the only natural consequence of this is that productivity guilt ends up being the cause of anxiety and stress.

In addition to this, when you are wracked by productivity guilt, you will not be able to stay in the present. According to research, people who feel they have sufficient time to do whatever they need to do are the ones who remain focused on the present. You will instead be worried about all the things you haven’t been able to do thus far and because you are short of time, won’t be able to catch up. All of this will lead to further stress and anxiety, and it is a matter of time before you feel burned out.

You might also end up missing out on potential opportunities, such as the chance to launch your own business, just because you don’t have enough time. Eventually, when you have reached the twilight of your life, you will analyze your life and remember all the things you did wrong. You will notice that if you had taken care of productivity guilt, you could have gotten much more out of life.

The simplest way to overcome productivity guilt is to stop worrying and start doing. Do as much as you can, so at least you will be able to take care of the important stuff. Otherwise, productivity guilt will end up being the cause of anxiety and stress.

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