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Is it Stress or Depression? How to Tell

Is it Stress or Depression

Determining whether you are just going through stress or depression has taken hold is as easy as understanding the symptoms.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it may be difficult to tell if you’re dealing with depression or if your feelings are the result of being stressed.

How can you tell if it’s stress or depression that’s making you feel down? Check out the information below for a clearer understanding of what’s going on in your mind.

Signs of Stress

If you’re exhibiting the following symptoms, it’s likely that they’re the result of too much stress:

· There has been a change in your eating habits
· You’ve been feeling anxious, nervous, irritable, angry, easily frustrated, or burned out as a result of work or school responsibilities
· You’re having trouble getting a good night’s sleep
· You’re feeling overwhelmed, or you feel as though you’re unable to overcome the difficulties that you’re facing
· You have trouble functioning at school, at work, and within your personal life
· You’ve been having problems remembering things

Signs of Depression

To determine if you’re dealing with stress or depression, you also need to be aware of some of the common symptoms that are associated with depression. These include:

· You’ve been purposely withdrawing yourself from others
· You’ve been feeling hopeless and sad
· You don’t have a lot of motivation, energy, or enthusiasm
· You have trouble coming to decisions
· You’re feeling irritable, agitated, or restless
· You’ve been eating differently, such as eating less or eating more than usual
· You’ve been sleeping less or more than usual
· You have trouble with your memory, and you have trouble focusing and concentrating
· You’re feeling badly about yourself or you have feelings of guilt, anger, or rage
· You feel as though you’re unable to overcome the challenges and difficulties you face
· You have trouble functioning within your personal life or at work or school
· You’ve been thinking about committing suicide

There Are Solutions

Whether you’re suffering from stress or depression, rest assured that there are solutions.
If you’re suffering from depression and your symptoms are severe or you’re noticing them getting worse, speak with a doctor or therapist who can help you find strategies, medications, and natural remedies like Zanaprin that will bring your mind back into a state of balance.

In the same way that you can treat your depression, you can also treat your stress by taking some time to slow down and take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, and take supportive natural supplements.

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