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5 Things NOT to Do When Anxiety Strikes

things not to do when anxiety strikes When anxiety strikes, you might not know what you should and shouldn’t do. Taking the right steps, though, will help you regain control and feel calm and grounded again. So, check out the list below, which features five things you should never do when anxiety strikes.

1. Don’t Hold Your Breath

Focusing on your breathing can help you overcome a panic attack sooner, and practicing deep breathing techniques every day will give you the ability to start breathing deeply once anxiety hits. So, don’t hold your breath while you are having an anxiety attack. Instead, practice deep breathing to help calm the nervous system, focus your mind on the breath rather than on scattered thoughts, and lower your heart rate.

2. Don’t Focus on the Symptoms or Your Thoughts

When you are having an anxiety attack, you shouldn’t focus on the thoughts that you are having or the symptoms that you are experiencing, as doing so could make the anxiety worse and make it last longer. Instead, focus on grounding yourself by bringing your awareness gently back to your surroundings. So, you might, for example, focus on the ground that is underneath you, or you might look at a color in your environment, or you might even feel the wind on your skin.

3. Don’t Flee the Scene

You might be tempted to get out of the environment that you’re in when you have an anxiety attack, but it’s best to stay where you are until you’re able to calm down. Otherwise, your brain will associate that place with anxiety next time. You want your mind to learn that the situation and environment that you’re in aren’t dangerous or associated with anxiety.

4. Don’t Stop Acting Normally

Continuing to behave as you otherwise normally would during an anxiety attack might help it drift away more quickly. So rather than stopping what you’re doing and giving your attention to your anxiety, try your best to ignore it.

5. Don’t Forget the Relaxation Techniques That You’ve Learned

Many people who experience anxiety attacks on a regular basis will make it a point to practice relaxation techniques at home and at work. They might also do things like meditate every day or do some yoga. But when anxiety hits, you need to remember everything that you learned and practiced. So, don’t forget to implement all the techniques that you’ve been learning and practicing along the way.

By taking the right steps in combination with Zanaprin when anxiety strikes, you can feel like yourself again in no time.

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