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Zanaprin Reviews

Zanaprin ReviewsAnxiety is a big problem for many people. Some get treatment and others do not. When the time comes to do something about anxiety, there are quite a few options out there. Therapy is always a good option, but prescription medications often go right along with it. Some take the prescriptions and do not go to therapy. These prescriptions can work well, but they do not agree with some people. At times, the side effects are bad and the medication does little to relieve symptoms. Those that feel prescription medications are not right for them can try the all natural supplement Zanaprin. So far, this pill has had some great reviews.

Zanaprin Reviews

Zanaprin Testimonials



I began having to travel a lot for work and I started feeling very anxious when I had to fly. The anxiety from flying got so bad that a couple of times I was convinced I was having a heart attack. I have never taken any prescription drugs for anxiety before and didn’t want to start now either. I was relieved when I found Zanaprin because it is a natural anti-anxiety medication that I felt was safe enough to try. Now, before I travel I take Zanaprin and I feel much more relaxed and often sleep through the flight. Roman – Detroit, Michigan


Zanaprin Testimonials



Sleepless nights have plagued me for years and my husband would always comment about how tired I looked and how dark my eyes were. I just couldn’t sleep well. I would fall asleep, but a couple hours later I was awake thinking about all the things I had to do the next day or that were causing stress in my life. I would toss and turn for at least 2-3 hours most nights. A couple of months ago I decided to try Zanaprin to help me sleep and it has worked wonders for me. I don’t wake up as much at night anymore and I feel much more rested. This is a great natural product that really does work. Joanne – Denver, Colorado


Zanaprin Testimonials



I have struggled with stress and anxiety for many years and was prescribed Xanax by my doctor to help me cope. Although Xanax helped me manage my stress and anxiety it also made me feel slow and doped up so I explored other options. I searched for a natural Xanax alternative and came across Zanaprin. I wasn’t sure if it would be strong enough to help keep my anxiety and stress under control but I ordered a month supply and gave it a try. After taking Zanaprin for a month I felt like I could control my anxiety and stress levels while still being able to think clearly and be alert. I think it’s a great substitute for Xanax for people like me. Kerry – Bellevue, Washington


Zanaprin Testimonials



Zanaprin helped me to start meeting new people because it made me feel more relaxed in social situations where I would normally be really shy and nervous. Christopher – Vancouver, British Columbia


Zanaprin Testimonials



At exam time I would feel really anxious and have a hard time concentrating. My friends always told me to take caffeine pills so that I would be really alert, but this just made my anxiety worse. One day a classmate offered me a zanaprin before a test and said it would help me to relax and focus. Did it ever. Now I take zanaprin before my exams and do much better. I have a number of friends who do the same thing and swear by it. Joel – Phoenix, Arizona


Some people writing reviews about Zanaprin worry about the price. These pills are a bit on the expensive side, but if they work well, the price is well worth it. Those worried about the price, but that have tried Zanaprin anyway, were very happy with their choice to go ahead with the supplement. Some even say it is the best anxiety medication that they have ever tried and will continue to take it as long as they can still buy it. You can not put a price on something that can effectively turn your life around so that you feel as if you are yourself again.

Zanaprin reviews also talk about the side effects of taking Zanaprin versus something like Xanax that is commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders of all types. Those that have used Zanaprin often find that they have less problems with side effects and they love how well the supplement works for them. As with any medication or supplement, even those that work well can be pushed aside for something else, even when that something else may not work as well, because of side effects. Many posting reviews online feel not only does Zanaprin work well, the side effects for them are minimal.

Many Zanaprin reviews are from people who suffer from social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Remarkably, many of them found that Zanaprin works better for them than prescription medications. Those that rely only on natural remedies and refuse to take drugs feel that Zanaprin is one of the best natural options out there. Some users love that there are guidelines for dosage, but that they can take what they feel that they need. Some days are harder than others, and it is okay to move up or down depending on how you feel that day without withdrawal or without adding new and heavier side effects.

75 comments to Zanaprin Reviews

  • Mariya

    Zanaprin is a little pricey it’s well worth every penny! It’s given me a large portion of my life back.

  • trissha

    im a sceptic.. i just ordered it and will give it a try. when i get results i will write about them>

    • dorie

      Hi Trisha I was just wondering if Zanaprin worked for you or not? I have been suffering from panic disorder for most of my life on and off over the yrs. I ocasionally take zanex but dont like to because i dont want to get addicted to it. Please let me know, thx! Dorie

  • sue

    Is it OK to drink alcohol if around 8 hours difference from taking the pill

  • Rae

    Yes you can have a drink after 8 hrs of talking the pill. I would not take them together though, you might feel pretty tipsy!

  • Mel

    I originally started taking zanaprin for flying (and I am way less anxious on the plane now), but found it does really well with general non flying related anxiety to i.e. panicky feeling and racing thoughts. It’s a great alternative to xanax and ativan.

  • Butterfly99

    I am a busy mom and my anxiety had really been taking its toll. I was just having trouble dealing with things that life was throwing at me. I was still functioning mind you, just not functioning at my best. I tried zanaprin (the doctor suggested zoloft but I wanted to try non prescription first) and right away my energy returned and I felt less irritable. Also the constant thoughts racing through my head are gone. Overall it’s been a pleasant experience.

  • emason

    I am wondering what the side effects are? Does it make you very tired and drowsy? I don’t want something that is going to zonk me right out.

  • Sunny

    I am wondering if this is works as well as xanax? Are there any major differences?

    • Lori Venetta

      It helps reduce your anxiety like Xanax would, but Zanaprin is NOT addicting where Xanax is VERY addicting. You can also get Zanaprin without a prescription and that means it’s pretty safe for anyone to take whereas with Xanax it can be a very dangerous drug if used incorrectly.

  • Rae

    For a lot of people this works better then xanax. I find xanax makes me tired and out of it. I feel like a zombie. Zanaprin will not do that to you. It is made with more natural ingredients, and it’s not addicting like xanax. I would try this in a heart beat before going to xanax.

  • robert

    I can’t take xanax. I get too dizzy and light headed. This works much better for me.

  • BZnack

    I have been taking Zanaprin for 8 weeks and I love it. It makes everything that I worry and stress over seem simple and it’s helped me not to sweat the small stuff.

  • Cherry Vetch

    I started getting this horrible habit of pulling out my hair or eyelashes whenever I felt anxious. Since I started taking zanaprin I feel much more normal and my hair and eyelashes are growing back in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Becca

    My doctor had me try zoloft but my personality was so flat, I always felt tired and I could barely keep my eyes open. I stopped taking it and tried zanaprin instead. It makes me feel much more normal, I am not as freaked out and I am calmer. I would recommend it to anyone who finds the rx drugs a bit too strong.

  • dee dee

    Compared to Xanax, I find that zanaprin is much more tolerable for any type of sleep, anxiety disorder or panic attack and the side effects are a non issue for me.

  • laura_smith

    I am finding zanaprin really helps with my concentration and keeping me focused at work. Sometimes I have lot of tasks at hand and I can get really stressy about it. No one at work knows I have anxiety issues and I want to keep it that way. I don’t want the stigma and I don’t want to be treated any differently, so I am super happy to have found this. I have no problem answering any questions ppl might have about this med.

  • bev rogers

    I find zanaprin has no side effects and it works gentle enough that I can think through my anxiety and panic attacks. I have been trying to get my life under control and this has been a big help.

  • Devin B

    I have anxiety when talking to women. Something happens with me and i get very nervous and feel very unwell and i only want to get away. I always back out of these situations, which feels releaving at that moment, but i hate myself afterward, because i know i have to overcome this somehow. Do you think zanaprin could help with this?

    • mick

      I get like that too, it’s weird, when I talk to a woman I get this pressure to have to prove something or be something and when I can’t do it I freak out. I would love for Zanaprin to help. When I was younger it was easier to talk to girls and I had lots of girlfriends. Not sure what I did then that I can’t do now. Very frustrating and hard on the ego!

    • bill

      Yes it will calm you down and you won’t feel so stressed or panicked. I get stressed out whenever I am in any social situation and it has helped me immensely with my confidence with talking to new people- men and women.

  • sherry

    I got Zanaprin for going to the dentist. I took it about 1/2 hr before my visit and it worked like a charm. I wasn’t stressing or freaking out about the dentist at all this time.

    • sharlene malloy

      ooooo I HATE the dentist! I have been looking for something to take to help me with the dentist for a while. My friends think I am crazy. My doctor suggested ativan but I don’t really want to go there. This looks much better!

  • kim

    Zanaprin helps me stay calm. I take it only when needed and that’s maybe a couple times a month. It works within half an hr.

  • Lfitzer

    I don’t take zanaprin often but it has saved me from a few panic attacks. The effects are very tolerable as well.

  • Alysha

    I take zanaprin as needed for my panic attacks. I prefer it to other drugs because you don’t build up a tolerance so you keep needing more and more and you won’t get adicted.

  • tom

    I am grateful for zanaprin because I am not a psychotic I just panic easily and xanax is so hard to get the doctor the prescribe. You don’t need a prescription for zanaprin!

  • eleventysix

    How can you tell if you are having a panic attack? Sometimes it feels like I cannot breath and my heart feels like it’s going to thump right out of my chest!

    • tom

      Yes that sounds like a panic attack. Other symptoms include getting dizzy & lightheaded, feels like a heart attack and is very scary. Zanaprin will definately help you cope with them as it’s an anti anxiety med.

  • lotus

    Hi there, I just found out my boyfriend of 3 months has some sort of panic disorder and some of his behaviours are starting to affect our relationship. Sometimes I will not hear from him for several days only to find out he has been having panic attacks and “could not leave his room.” I really care for him and want to support/help him. Currently I don’t think he is taking any meds so I am wondering if zanaprin could help him?

    • reena s.

      Good for you for being so supportive. For someone who doesn’t have depression or anxiety issues it can be a very difficult thing to understand. It does sound like your BF could really benefit from a visit to the doctor, but taking zanaprin could very well be the first step he needs, and it could be enough for him to get his life back. I know it has helped a lot of people with bad anxiety. I personally would rather he take zanaprin then xanax or valium or ativan. Those things are very addicting and they change your personality too much. Good luck, he is lucky to have you.

    • curt

      sounds like your BF may have a long road ahead of him but it certainly can’t hurt to try zanaprin and that is where I would start.

    • cKemp

      It will definately help him take the edge off his stress.

  • Leslie

    I take Zanaprin as a sleep aid but I find it easy to wake up if for some reason I have to. My advice is go to bed when you first start to feel relaxed or drowsy and don’t fight the effect. It really helps me because otherwise I lay in bed for hrs with thoughts racing through my head.

  • Carys

    I get upset by a lot of things in life and zanaprin helps me get on much more of an even keel. I still do get upset, but not nearly as much and I am able to manage my “episodes” a lot better because I am more rational with my thought processes.

  • life is good

    I actually find this works better as a sleep aid then an anxiety pill but that’s just me. That being said i think it’s still worth the money as I don’t want to take any prescription sleeping pills and this fits the bill.

    • rach

      I use it for anxiety AND as a sleep aid lol. I take it at night to help me fall asleep, then again in the morning (IF I feel I need it that day) to keep my anxieties at bay.

  • Carole

    I am much more relaxed in life and able to socialize better with my family and friends since trying zanaprin.

  • cKemp

    Definately relaxes you, takes the edge off. You won’t stress so much about the small stuff. Worth the money for me.

  • Aston

    I used to take ativan all the time for my anxiety/sleep aid but you have to be really careful with that stuff because it is so easy to get carried away and become addicted to it. I stopped taking it about 6 months ago and have switched to zanaprin as it’s not habit forming and I get the same relief when I get stressed out.

  • Nina Lee

    Does anyone that used to take Zoloft full time take this instead? My husband got off Zoloft and we are looking for something natural to take. He doesn’t sleep well and feels completely unbalanced…like foggy headed, restless, agitated, unfocused and doesn’t feel like he has any emotion. I read a lot about the xanax portion of this…but I was wondering about helping it to help him feel better and feel motivated in his life.

    • asia_73

      @ Nina Lee-
      I used to take zoloft for my anxiety but now I take zanaprin instead. I think your husband will do well with zanaprin as have I. It does help with becoming more focused, clear headed and less anxious for sure. I don’t worry about all the little things as much. It also helps relax you to the point of sleep if taken at night. I find that just when I am more rested, relaxed, balanced and even keeled, I am way happier with life in general. It can’t hurt to try it.

  • lindsay

    I was on Xanax but I would only recommend it if you only need it for like a week. I would not take it longer or it will own you like it did me. Zanaprin is not nearly as habit forming. YOu can take it without it taking over your life.

    • tiff

      I agree with you about the Xanax. Very addicting- you build a tolerance to it and need more and more to achieve the effect. Be very careful with that one. I would take zanaprin instead as it does not develope a tolerance.

  • Gloria

    I have horrible anxiety when I go to the doctors. It’s awful. I have had to have a few procedures done lately so I have to go more then most and it does not get any easier with each visit. I take zanaprin now before I leave the house for my appointments and it has taken the edge off a lot. Now I don’t have a breakdown in the waiting area (think cold sweats, trembling, etc.) It helps when you are in nervous or stressful situations.

  • chimmy

    Zanaprin is a good “chill pill” with no real side-effects. If you have very serious insomina it might not be the best out there, but probably a good choice if occasional anxiety is causing insomnia.

  • marc

    I have found zanaprin to be a lifesaver. My life is a bit of a mess i.e. failing marriage, stress at work and a twitchy eye. This med helps me to relax at night. I wake up feeling more energized and well rested.

  • hg71

    I feel like I am on edge all day and am moody/irritable. I want to feel happy and not stressed all the time. Wondering if this is a good med for mood swings and for someone that is dealing with a lot on their plate every day.

    • marc

      It sounds like you feel a bit like I do and I will say zanaprin seems to work for me. It takes the edge off the all stressful day to day things. Also helps to relax you so maybe that will help with the moodiness? Anyway hope things get better for you soon.

  • ed

    can you drink while taking zanaprin? thanks

  • moyra m

    what causes anxiety? is it mostly from stress? I think i have anxiety but i am not sure what has brought this on all of a sudden.

    • ellicka

      Yes it’s usually caused by stress in life (i.e. work, relationships, family, finances) or lack of sleep or could be a medical/health issue.

      • moyra m

        Ok thanks I am feeling very stressed out with my work situation. I am not really sure if I should leave or not but then where do I go. Also not happy with where I live and I have a tone of debt. Feeling very trapped all of a sudden and not sure how to deal.

  • Laura C.

    I do find that zanaprin has made me more relaxed and easy going. I used to get anxiety all the time for this that and the other thing. It’s helping me live in the moment and not have all these worries about the past or the future. I am able to concentrate better at work too. I think my friends and family might actually like me now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anton

    will this cause any weight gain? thx

    • Laura C.

      Not that I have found. Actaully I have lost weight since taking it. I think because I am feeling better I am taking better care of myself.

    • kate

      I have not gained or lost any weight since I have been taking it but it does make me feel better about myself and I actually want to get out and do stuff/be social whereas before all I did was stay home.

  • carlie

    I was crying for no reason and often didn’t want to get out of bed. Since taking zanaprin for the past month I feel relived and can deal with the day. It won’t give you the fake “high” like a lot of other medications and it won’t make you feel emotionless or zombie like. By far the most “normal” feeling medication I have tried.

  • m.stacy

    I was taking Lexapro for the but then I started to get anxiety and my doctor switched me to xanax. Xanax did NOT agree with me at all and actually my sister found zanaprin online for me and since taking it my panic is gone and even my depression feels better. It’s helping me feel a lot more like “me.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jessica arnolt

    Xanax does not work for my but Zanaprin helps calm me down. If you struggle with anxiety then you might want to give this a try instead of a heavy perscription med.

  • KathyJames

    Good for acute panic attacks, helps you relax, it’s a very good medication.

  • Sassy

    Why has there been no comments since 2012? It makes me very Leary of trying your product.

    • admin

      We appreciate your concern. Customers are generally very happy with the product. Lazarus labs also offers a 30-day money back guarantee and excellent customer service.

  • Isabella

    Aloha…I want to try Zanaprin,but wonder why you don’t have any current comments or reviews. I will wait for your answer. Mahalo.

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